Friday, November 17, 2017

3 Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri is the best movie of the year

This film is probably the best movie of the year. It has a good story, unique characters, good acting, good writing, which combines drama and comedy in a very balanced way. It is actually a very funny movie which is interesting and impressive as it deals with a serious topic and ha a lot of intense drama in it. The jokes are not hokey or corny but in many ways a lot edgier than you'd expect in a film like this, and aren't forced by authentic to each character. The comedy keeps your emotions riding highs and lows because there is comic relief when things get too dramatic and serious as well as sentimental.

The characters are all interesting and what makes them more real and authentic s that they in a sense have all reached a point of not caring, so they're plain and unfiltered way of speaking is pleasantly entertaining. Their hearts have been hardened, yet we feel empathy for them and can sense they feel empathy for others; and as the film progresses the tightening of their hearts m slowly releases and the anger, while still present, has a softening and melting effect.

It this movie didn't have so many laugh of out loud moments it would still be a really good movie, but the comedy catapults it to a higher level to a great one and the best film of the year.

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