Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Product Placement in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri movie

Aside from mentions of Aquafresh and Huggies, and a brief look at a Ford truck, the most glaringly obvious product placement in this film is from Kellogg's buying into the film.

In one scene in the kitchen table are two very visible boxes of Rice Krispies and Froot Loops cereals from Kellogg's. Not only that, but part of the stipulation of this product placement deal involved getting a line for both products. The first one is Mildred's husband saying their boy has Rice Krispies on his face, and later he calls him "Froot Loop" boy. It's subtlety done so no one will notice, well that's not true, obviously it has been noticed. And in a later scene in the kitchen, once again the two boxes of cereal are shown, in addition to another Kellogg's cereal "Frosted Flakes". In that scene the boxes are shown in two different shots. So however many thousands or millions Kellogg's forked over it was two have their product show in two scenes, with a total of three different shots, a total of three products shown, and two mentions of two products in the dialogue of the film.

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  1. What about Dixon's line about searching on Google when he was talking to his mother about losing his job?