Monday, November 20, 2017

Top 5 movies of 2017


This was a fascinating film because of it's blend of drama, seriousness, but very funny and edgy comedic moments. A lot of the writing and scenarios are hysterically funny. It plays out as a very entertaining film because of the strong comedy undertone which pushes to the surface in between tense emotional moments. It's as if the storyteller is uncomfortable with too much seriousness and drama and needs comic relief, which is much to the delight of the audience.


From start to finish you are on the edge of your seat with this film. You're instantly thrown into this wild crime scene and it's a thriller from start to finish. Interesting and funny comedic moments continually pop up in here, and Robert Pattinson can be nominated for best actor in this performance. He makes you not realize it's him in there as the Englishman dawns a Queens accent and persona that is very impressive and entertaining.


This is a great film because of the wide range of emotions it draws out in you. From the psychological horror that is taking place, the gruesome images going on before your eyes, the tension in the air, the laughing out loud comedic moments that pop up on your when you don't expect it, just like the fearful moments. In addition there's also a nice blend of awkwardness which comes from White and Black social relations with his delved into neatly throughout the film. LilRel Howery is the unexpected star in this film, every scene his is he steals with captivating comedy that will have you laughing from the gut.


Credit to Sean Baker for draping this movie in a nice light purple hue and also having the eye and gusto to bring in an amateur actress from Instagram (Bria Vinaite) to play the co-lead with the young star in Brooklynn Prince. Willem Dafoe does a fantastic job in his role as a compassionate motel manager who has to dawn a stern personal for the sake of his livelihood. This is a real look at the life of a low income single mother wandering existence, which doesn't sugarcoat the situation to make them dawn angelic wings, but gives a more authentic glance into the eyes of the hardship of a young mom trying to make ends meet, and on the flip side the wide eyed wonderment of a young child who sees magic in the same situations.


An interesting crime mystery of topic which is underreported, Native American reservation rapes and murders. You can gain a strong sense of compassion for many of these characters and their sorrow and grief offers not just a sense of empathy in the viewer, but also an undercurrent of hope and sunshine in this unique tale taking place in a cold winter in Wyoming.

Honorourable mention to American Made and Ingrid Goes West. There's also The Disaster Artist and Call Me By Your Name to come out soon, and those are well reviewed films as well.

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