Thursday, October 30, 2014

Love Robots Uploading Love

Bicyclette Boutique, Toronto, Queen Street West

Christmas diorama, Hudson Bay Company Store

Mast Brothers Brooklyn Blend Chocolate and Sea Salt

 At Hudson Bay Drake General Store.

Poor Young Things at Dakota Tavern

Calvin Harris Motion out now

Michael Kors shirts and ties at Hudson Bay Store at Queen and Yonge

Espolon, Join the Revolution, Agave Tequila

Steam Whistle 2015 art shows submissions and Unsigned event at The Roundhouse


Cereal Killer

Fancy Franks Hot Dogs coming soon to 453 Queen Street West

Just West of Spadina Avenue.

Mannequin with reindeer antlers

Hooked, by Nir Eyal

Pumpkin Pie Latte Syrup

Indigo, Eaton Centre.

Nice street art, Bathurst Street, just north of Davenport Road

Peter Triantos 1042 Bathurst Street

Very nice art gallery.

918 Bathurst, Gallery 918

Nightcrawler poster ad

Tax Free Used Bike Sale Toronto

NQ Arbuckle live at Horshoe Tavern, Soundscapes, and Rotate This

Ten Top Artists, Leonard Cohen, Wham vinyl records at Kops Records


Kops Records on Bloor //. 592 Bloor Street West

Jill Barber and Matthew Barber at Massey Hall in Toronto