Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Edmonton Oil Kings Jersey

At the Hockey Hall of Fame.

1051 Bloor St West, Toronto

The Steady Bar and Café is closing at this location. (Picture taken October 2017).

402 Bloor St West, Toronto

Za Pizzeria closed, opening is European Schnitzel Hub Bistro. (This picture is from October 2017)

Vegans at Dundas Square in V for Vendetta Masks

They caught my attention, I looked.

Good local Toronto references in Jameson billboards

These ads are more attention getting because they have local Toronto area references. I see "Massey Hall" on a billboard and it catches my eye, it's not a usual thing you see in a big corporate ad in Toronto. Also their add in Little Italy about how Little Italy can even use a little Irish was another attention getting tactic which worked. Maybe the local angle to break through the billboard and adverting clutter is an effective tool in this day and age.

Valley Park Middle School basketball court , 130 Overlea Blvd

Nicely renovated by MLSE.

Regent Park Community Centre basketball court indoor (402 Shuter Street)

This is a beautiful new community centre court in Toronto.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

David Crombie Park basketball court, Toronto

They have glass backboards, a nice view in the background of the city, you have the TD Tower and CN Tower standing tall watching over the court. As usual you can make acquaintanceship with many folk from across the globe here. Man an 18 year old traveller an hour away from the city of Leipzig, Germany there today (Wednesday).

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Monday, October 2, 2017

3 Westmoreland at Night

The church turned condo on Westmoreland, a street equidistant from Ossington Subway and Dufferin Subway in the northern western sphere of downtown Toronto.