Friday, December 1, 2017

Product Placement in the Disaster Artist

Two product placements are in this film: Red Bull and Mercedes Benz.

These are however true to reality because as the book The Disaster Artist by Greg Sestero, Tommy Wiseau did drive a white Mercedes Benz, and he did guzzle Red Bulls at a breakneck pace at various periods in his life. Got to hear the audiobook of the movie and was extremely enjoyable and made a 6.5 hour bus ride from Toronto to Detroit a laughing and smiling journey, which would have been painfully boring otherwise.

Had the pleasure of watching The Disaster Artist this past Thursday  at the Scotiabank Theatre and enjoyed it so much that I watched it the next day too. I'd like to say this is the best film of 2017, and really is a film about friendship and following your dreams. And it's hilariously funny. It was a brilliant and unique experience watching this premiere on the Thursday at Scotiabank Theatre in Toronto, because the 370 seat theatre number three was almost totally full with rapid fans of The Room who were laughing at the entire film, other than a couple serious moments and touching moments between Tommy and Greg. Interesting enough this is an inspiring movie. It's about putting your heart on the line and pursuing your dream. It's also a testament to how if you go after your dreams you may accomplish them, but they end up being manifested in bizarre unintended ways.

5 out of 5 for this film.

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