Wednesday, December 25, 2013

American Hustle shines to cap off film in 2013 (Jennifer Lawrence should earn a Golden Globe win)

American Hustle has ended 2013 with a bang in cinema. The story chronicles a conman and his girlfriend's foray into an undercover sting and looks into the theme of what is real and inauthentic, as well as he we con ourselves and those closest to us; sometimes so often that we are even quadruple-guessing our dearest loved ones.

The film has earned 7 Golden Globe nods, including best film. The star which shines brightest amongst the stellar crew is Jennifer Lawrence, who plays the supporting character Rosalyn Rosenfeld, and does a brilliant job. Rosalyn is the most complex character in the film, and also stands out as the most comedic.

Bradley Cooper's does a fine job as Rich Dimaso, who is a highly ambitious FBI agent, but also has a strong comedic buffoonery attached to his personality, which sets him steps back every time he leaps forward in the film.

Jeremy Renner is a strong as the mayor of Camden, New Jersey; and Louis CK provides some nice work and comedy in his role as Stoddard Thorsen, who is the boss of Rich Dimaso.

It's nice to see Robert Deniro have a small but highly powerful role in this film. Deniro is transported back to his mafia film roots in this movie, playing the role of a terrifying mob boss. Deniro's aura in his small appearance is magnificent.

The has enticing drama but is interlaced with some good comedic moments throughout. It has an undercurrent of ridiculousness which crops up from time to time, even in the most crucial of moments. It highlights the fact that life, even in it's most tragic and intense of moments, has rays of comedy piercing through in every situation.

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