Thursday, March 9, 2017

Funniest quotes / lines of Kong Skull Island

There wasn't many funny moments in this film but John C Reilly's character is an oddball quirky out of place type of guy who provides some comedic entertainment. One of his better lines is commenting on the gigantic insects which inhabit Skull Island, he says, "That sounds like a bird but it's a f*cking ant!"

And the first tension easing laugh of the film is when one man on the expedition is questioned how he can have the appetite to just casually be eating a can of beans just after their comrades first came in contact with the behemoth that was Kong and were killed. He plainly replies that it was an "Unconventional Encounter."

The special effects are great, especially when it comes to the scenes where Kong is battling equally and greater sized ancient creatures and the intricacy and uniqueness and detail of that combat is not unnoticed by the viewers. Also the shots from afar where you can see the relative size of Kong is terrific, especially with the great backdrop of the sun glowing and shimmering, as well as the nighttime cinematography which has a nice array of darker green and blue hues. Also the fire as a background effect in scenes with explosions is beautifully shot.

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