Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Best video game machine bar in Toronto, Tilt Arcade Bar

Tilt Arcade Bar at 296 Brunswick Avenue has a lot of old arcade games, pinball machinds,
a foosball / gitioni table, a skee ball table as well. The have different bar and menu items which are quite
accommodating to vegetarians as well. It's a really good deal because you pay five dollars to enter and that givesyou free access to all the games inside. And there's not time limit.

Some of the arcade games include:
Star Wars, Tron, Revolution X, Super Mario Kart, Super Mario Brothers 1, Spacer Ivaders, Aero Fighters 2, Ninja Turtles, Punch Out, Street Fighter 2 champion edition, Bust A Move (Neo Geo), Track and Field, Bubble Bobble, PGA Tour golf championship, Area 51 site, NBA Jam, Pacman, Ms Pac Man, and Wacky Gator game where gators pop out and you hit them with your hand.
Some pinball games include:
Street Fighter 2, Kiss, AC DC, Pennant Fever (baseball), Judge Dredd, Bobby Orr Power Play, and Super Soccer 

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