Friday, March 10, 2017

796 Bloor St W, Toronto (History)

The Indian restaurant Banjara occupies this space at the moment, and kudos to them for being able to last at this location, a credit to their delicious food. But this space in the first half of the 1990s was occupied by 7-Eleven, which was eventually abandoned by the American convenience store chain and then the plot of land was taken over by "Big Time Donuts", a doughnut shop, and for a short period time it was a Coffee Cabana donuts.  And then interestingly enough, because at the time Coffee Time was a thriving chain, a impersonating business took a similar look and name and opened up as Coffee Team at this location, and was replaced by Coffee Tip. If you look at the back of Banjara there is a sign which faces Christie Pits park, and it has the old Coffee Tip signage. The last remnant of a revolving door of doughnut chains that occupied this location before Banjara took over.

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