Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Barrio Coreano, Mexican-Korean fusion open in Korea town

Barrio Coreano is in the heart of the Korean Business District at 642 Bloor Street West (just west of Euclid), and is a unique blend of Mexican food with a touch of Korean in the mix. Basically a Mexican Taqueria with mild Korean influence. There are some unique fusion dishes such as the Korean Beef Taco and succulent Whole Fried Shrimp.

It has taken the spot of Rajput's Bistro, which previously occupied the land. Barrio Coreano is the brainchild of South Asian entrepreneur and executive chef at Playa Cabana, Playa Cabana Hacienda, Playa Cabana Cantina.

The d├ęcor is beautiful and unique to the area. You instantly have your eye dazzled as you witness the original neon pink lighting and a bowling alley sign which was imported from Philadelphia. A lot of thought was put into the design, and it makes a different. It really stands out amongst the other shops and restaurants in the area. The interior design is very enticing and inviting.

Food-wise, aside from the Korean Beef and Yuzu Tuna tacos, there are also the following:

-Grilled Octopus with Wasabi Salsa      
-Spicy Carnita   
-Chipotle Kampugki Chicken        
-Jalapeno Spring Roll with Oxtail Tamale  
-Whole Fried Shrimp     
-Grilled Calamari with Burnt Arbol Kimchi

Some cocktails on the menu include the Cho-Jito $8, Tequila Marma $8, Soju Sangria (Soju, Korean Fruits) $8, Kimchi Sour $9.

Some details on the Barrio Coreano Cocktails:           

Dave's Margarita (Tromba, Cointreau, and Lime)
Walker Mole  (Johnnie Red, Ginger, Zocolatl Mole, Orange, and Tromba Mist)
DMZ Marg (Jack Daniels, Gojuchang, Lime, Agave, and Bitter Grapefruit)
Pickled Tommy (Tromba Blanco, Pickled Ginger, Grapefruit, Yuzu, and Agave)   
Soju Sangreezy (Match infused Soju, Asian Pear, Honeydw, Cuke, Cilantro, Ontario Dry Reisling)   Wasabi Up Wit You Mang (El Jimador, Wasabi, Yuzu, Radish, and Cuke)  
Kim Sang (Tromba Reposado, Kimchee, Tomato, Spices, Daikon, and Toasted Sesame) 
Pin Pyong (Herradurra Reposado, Mint, Elderflower, Apple, Ginger Beer, and Plum Bitters)

Address: 642 Bloor Street West
Phone number: 416-905-5188


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