Sunday, August 24, 2014

4 things to expect from Tim Hortons after being bought out by Burger King (In Canada and United States)

If the rumors of a buyout are true, expect Tim Hortons to have:

More combined stores.
-Stores which combine both Burger King and Tim Hortons

A larger menu
-Tim Hortons will now have access to all the various channels of Burger King to add to, expand, and evolve their menu
More direction competition with McDonalds

-McDonalds and Tim Hortons often have a rivalry in Canada; oftentimes Tim Hortons copies the sales of McDonalds and uses their distribution strategy of restaurants to enter into similar markets. McDonalds' free coffee days definitely sways customers to McDonalds during that period. Burger King and McDonalds are head to head competition and Tim Hortons' association and alliance with them furthers the rivalry between Tims and Mccy Ds.

More US locations
-Burger King is a staple in the US of A and Tim Hortons will benefit from that.

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