Friday, August 29, 2014

5 new menu items combining Tim Hortons and Burger King (Tater Timbits, Cruller Whopper, Roll up the Rings to Win, Coca-Cola Ice-Cap)

These should be made now that the two have merged.

Tater Timbits
Potatoes fried into a Timbit shape and served by the dozen to customers.

Cruller Whopper
Massive whopper patty sandwiched in between two deep-fried crullers. Also available in the New England Whopper style which is two Boston Cream donuts used as the bun.

Double-Double Double Whopper meal
Double whopper with cheese with a large double double coffee.

Roll up the Rings to Win
Peel back the top of the onion rings container to win great prizes.

Coca-Cola Ice-Cap
For an extra mind bending sugar rush, the Coca Cola Ice-Cappucino is available. If you want to hold back on the sugar frenzy you can indulge in the diet version of it.

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