Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Old Quaker Oats advertisement by Honest Ed's


  1. The Tailors sign is for Ludlow Bros. Tailors. (You can see the "Bros." above "merchant", and there is an angled L above the top of the B in Bros.)

    The Ludlow Brothers were at 760 Bathurst until at least 1940, but were only at their 412 Queen West location until 1912: there is a record of them at that location in the 1912 city directory, but not in the 1913 directory - there was a different tailor there in 1913. So this sign is from 1912 at the latest.

    (412 Queen West is two doors down from the Cameron House, which is listed under that name at that location since at least 1908.)

    - Toronto city directory links:
    - 1912 directory page for 412 Queen W.:
    - 1913 directory page for 412 Queen W.:

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