Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Paradise Cinema re-opening plans and renovation for future

Paradise Cinema (1006 Bloor St. West) by Westmoreland Avenue will be resurrected and renovated to become a multi-purpose space for events such as film festivals (such as Korean, Italian, or other smaller fests), plays, comedy shows, ballets, and other events. It is a space which can be rented out. 

It will also have a restaurant attached to it, the same location which was taken up by Beirut Palace, a Middle-Eastern cuisine adjacent to the cinema. The County General is possible candidate to be the restaurant attached. There is a plan to construct a second floor on top of that which would be a bar and an outdoor patio.

The building is a heritage building in Toronto so there will be a recreation of the sign and marquee and lights and ticket booth to bring back some vintage but sleek new feel to the building. 

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