Thursday, January 2, 2014

Interview with comedian Rob Mailloux

How'd your New Year's Eve show in Toronto go with Ari Shaffir?
New Year's Eve show was great. Ari is really easy to work with. And his crowd is always great to perform to.

You've done done stand up in a lot of different cities. Is there particular city or venue you like best? 
I've always had a lot of success in Vancouver. I'm always there doing a great show so I've managed to trick some people into what you could loosely consider a fan base.

You've opened for Doug Stanhope, what was it like working with him and what is he like as a person? 
Doug is really misunderstood as a person. He's very kind, he really gave me my first break. I went to open for him in Montreal years ago with no place to stay (It was during Just For Laughs, all hotels were booked). He let me and my girl stay in his hotel room with him and Bingo. I was woke up at 5 am by Doug Stanhope jumping on my bed.

What do you think of Jerry Seinfeld's web show "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee"? 
Honestly I haven't actually watched Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. I like Seinfield, not big on coffee.

Do you like the Comedy Central Roasts? 
I'm a fan of the roasts, it's really the comedy super bowl right now. Wasn't a big fan of the Franco Roast though. To many people with careers to lose. Roast's are supposed to be a mixture of has been celebrities and never were comedians trying to make a name for themselves. Not sketch actors looking for roles in movies.

You have some Tweets about UFC; which fighters do you like most and least?
Chael Sonnen is the most entertaining talker in UFC and will always be my favourite all time, but I really am in love with Ronda Rousey. If she was a dude, she'd be the biggest star in the sport, but I think people are uncomfortable with her demeanor still. They still want girls to be catty with each other, she just goes in like a machine and takes care of her business.
What's next for you?
I'm going to spend more time this year in England. Hate the country, but the comedy scene is great.

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