Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Top best cheapest places to shop in Toronto


There's a variety of different places to get good deals on things in Toronto, but here are four which stand out.


It's cheap, affordable, and there's a lot variety in stores in between Dundas and College on Spadina Avenue.

Orfus Road

Just north of Eglinton and west of Dufferin, is Orfus road outlets. You can go through these clothing shops and find some great deals on items to wear.


Everything used to be for a dollar, but even as the store has crept up to two or three dollars for items, it's still some really great bargains on things you can use.

Honest Ed's

You can get a lot of deals here and some really cheap clothing. It's at Bathurst and Bloor but not sure for how long as it has been bought out.

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