Friday, November 22, 2013

11 things to do/see when you visit Toronto

Toronto is a beautiful city to live, and if you are a tourist there are some interesting things to check out. Here are 11 worth experiencing in Toronto on vacation.

Toronto Bus Tour
-Gives you a look at everything you need to see tourist-wise in Toronto, which allows you to then just wander the city and check out things that peak your interest at your leisure and not worry about missing something
-You can hop on and hop off where you please

Ripley's Aquarium of Toronto
-Created in 2013, this aquarium by the CN Tower has a variety of beautiful sea creatures to witness live

Royal Ontario Museum
-A variety of beautiful artifacts

Art Gallery of Ontario
-Beautiful art from across the globe

Toronto Eaton Centre/Dundas Square
-Take a peek at Yonge/Dundas Square and then walk through the Eaton Centre

Underground PATH
-You can take the underground PATH and see the largest underground shopping mall
-From the Eaton Centre you can walk indoors over the bridge to The Bay, then go down two floors, and then navigate through the underground mall towards Union Station
-From there you can witness the Brookfield Place, then go back down towards the Air Canada Centre and see it
-It's best to take this underground tour on weekdays as there are shops open and hustle and bustle, while on the weekend it's almost completely deserted

Metro Toronto Zoo
-A bit out of the way of downtown Toronto, but the Metro Toronto Zoo is a great thing to check out in Scarborough if you love animals

Distillery District
-Worth checking out if you like to walk around a nicely cobble stoned and historic area of Toronto
-Nice bars and restaurants

-Nice area to relax by the water and enjoy Lake Ontario; you can relax in the extremely tiny but quaint Sugar Beach (not really a beach but a very small sanded area that has some nice relaxing chairs to sit on if you get on), which is connected to the Waterfront

King Street nightlife area
-On King Street between Bathurst and Spadina, you can walk along during a Friday or Saturday night and experience Toronto night life with some swanky clubs, lounges, and restaurants

-Unique area in Toronto; if you want a cheap souvenir like a t-shirt that says "Toronto" or "Canada", this is probably the area to get it at.
-Walk between College and Dundas on Spadina Avenue

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