Monday, September 9, 2013

The Brockton Haunt brings java jolt to College and Dufferin

The Brockton Haunt Espresso bar, at 1150 College Street West, opened it's doors to the public this summer and has made a strong impact in providing high level coffee to the community. The establishment, just a few steps west of Dufferin on the north side of College Street, is a vibrant espresso bar which is quite bright and sleek with its white walls. It's new so very clean; there are stools by the large window at the front of the shop so one can look outside as they sip their espresso. The view outside of traffic along College Street isn't the best but the area is up and coming, and this classy espresso bar is one of the indications that the district is on the rise. Aside from the stools inside, there are four placed outside along the store for visitors who want sit out front on the sidewalk.
The dark hardwood flooring works well with the white brick walls and both the dark brown and clean white pattern is what encompasses most of the café. There are three steps which lead to a small second seating area which can accommodate a half dozen patrons. It's a cozy classy dining room type of setting with the one table housing four seats; and there's a nice mirror which is combined with a coat rack along the north wall. It's a small-tine art gallery feel as art is adorned on the walls. Many up and coming espresso bars are looking similar but this is second elevated seating area is a unique touch.
The baristas are professional and kind, and the coffee house has a good deal with it's $2 Americanos. The pricing is similar to other espresso bars with a latte and mocha for $3.50 and cappuccinos for $3. The espresso is of high quality and their mocha drink is executed very well and quite flavorful. The muffins, tarts, croissants, and cookies are also a sweet indulgence.
This espresso bar can act as an alternative to The Common, which is a very popular joint just a few meters along the other side east of Dufferin. The Common is often to capacity so The Brockton Haunt can be another choice if one is looking for a seat to rest and drink at the same time.
The café has a buy five drinks and get one free card, which is a good deal. The café has added some spice to the Brockton area and continues to push forward as they have extended their hours and now run: Mon-Fri 7am-10pm/Sat 8am-8pm/Sun 9am-5pm.

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