Friday, December 8, 2017

Product Placement in The Shape of Water: Cadillac

This is great film that has terrific cinematography, a unique story, good acting, a combo of
sci-fci, drama, romance, a hint of musical and comedy, in addition to some accidental absurdist
comedy as you watch a love affair blossom between a sea-creature human and this sweet cleaning lady.
You subconsciously are laughing at the story at certain points, but also laughing at yourself
for being won over by the acting and film to buy completely into this romantic interspecies tale.
As far as product placement, Cadillac bought into this film, there is a scene where a character is
suggested to buy one, and then there is a whole scene at a dealership expounding the virtues of
the brand, followed by a nice little scene on the highway which plays like a solid end to a car

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