Thursday, September 4, 2014

Tim Hortons large and extra large the same size?

This video shows that the two sizes are almost identical. Not too shocked by this. Tim Hortons also did a neat little trick to make some money by making the small size "extra small" and then making the "small" size 10 cents more. This is when they introduced the extra large size to their roster. Then they took away the "extra small" size coffee, so everyone ends up paying 10 cents more for a cup of coffee no matter what. But who cares, 10 cents is nothing. Right? Well, if you're Tim Hortons it's definitely not since they sell over 2 billion cups of coffee a year and that means an extra 200 million dollars in sales if they make an extra 10 cents off each cup. Wouldn't be shocked if they implement an extra fee for the Dark Roast coffee once people get used to the better taste of it. Not a bad money making idea to make a little dough off the non-doughnut products at Timmies.

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