Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Best outdoor basketball courts in Toronto

Christie Pits, 750 Bloor Street West. (renovated Summer 2016)
Located by Christie Subway Station.

David Crombie Park
99 Scadding Ave, Toronto, ON M5A
-This court by The Esplanade has a very nice glass backboards; it was revitalized by Maple Leaf Sport and Entertainment (MLSE).
-Rubber tiling will be redone by MLSE foundation after a police cruiser tore the tiling while pursuing a suspect in the summer of 2013.

Harbourfront Community Centre
Bathurst and Queens Quay. Sometimes has some high quality players. Downside is that often it's hard to get on the court because there's so many people waiting.

Regent Park Athletic Grounds (Kelly Silverstein memorial basketball court)
River and Shuter Street
Created in June 2006

St James Town Court
Bleecker Street, south of Howard
-Another refurbished by MLSE, who put in over a 100 hundred for the effort
-Nice rims, backboard, and surface

Muzik outdoor courts.
15 Saskatchewan Rd
There are a lot of rims on this court which was, interestingly enough, set up by the club Muzik. Put this on the list because you can basically have a private game for you and your friends here because although it's a nice looking court, never seen anyone use it.

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