Wednesday, August 27, 2014

88 cents stock photo club (library of photos, stock photography)

A variety of stock photography and unique photos in the 88 cent stock photo club.

Acorn light fixture
Apartment number
Apples (Shiny, red, fake)
Balloons (Red and Blue)
Baseball caps (Canada)
Basketball (Black and Orange, worn out)
Basketball (Outdoor court lines)
Basketball going through net
Basketball net (With sky in background)
Basketball Player shadow
Basketball Rim outdoor (Clouds in background)
Beachball (Deflated)
Bench (Green)
Bicycles Excepted
Black lady in orange dress
Brick Stones
Bricks (Yellow)
Bricks (White)
Bridge (Lights under a bridge)
Butterflies (Black and blue on a white wall)
Canvas Shoes (dirty black)
Cars (Stopped at red light)
Ceiling Fan
Chandelier (Antler)
Chandelier (Rope)
Chess Board (Pieces human size)
Chocolate Chunk Cookie 
Clouds (Between towers)
Clouds (Fluffy)
CN Tower (In between buildings)
Coaster (Cherry print)
Coffee Sleeve (Thermal Sleeve)
Coffee Mug (I heart Toronto)
Comb (Pink)
Curtains (Light green)
Danger construction site no trespassing sign
Danger Due to Construction
Deer (Wearing bowtie)
Deodorant Stick
Emergency Exit Unlocked by Fire Alarm sign
Escalators (Steps going down)
Ferrari 458 Italia (Red)
Garage Door (Orange)
Gumball machines
Heart (Green and Yellow says "Thank You")
High Heel (Red and coming out of an egg)
Ice Cream Truck (Back)
iPad Air 2
Keychain (Monkey)
Library books and DVDs
Light bathroom
Lighter (Orange)
Marquee (Blank)
Mason Jar / Mug
Movember Moustache Bench
No Parking in this Lane sign
Octagon (White sign)
Paper Towel Roll (Used and finished)
Parking Lot lines
Payphone sign
Pen (Silver on a desk)
Pencil Sharpener (Orange and Black)
Pipes (On ceiling)
Purse (Pink, handbag)
Rainy, wet intersection with red lights
Relax sign
Santa Claus (Sitting on sleigh)
Scone (Double chocolate)
Sewer grate
Shadow (Tall and long)
Shed (Green)
Shirts (Mens)
Shopping Basket (empty and grey)
Shopping Cart (Yellow in the parking lot)
Skiing (Mannequin)
Sky (clear blue with clouds)
Socks (Used)
Steps (Unfinished wood)
Stop here on red sign
Street light
Sun (Over buildings)
Sweet potato fries on the street floor
Tires (Worn out)
Tissue Paper (used)
Track and Field Track (blue)
Train on track trains (White)
Van (White and Green)
VHS tape
Wall (Wood with sun glistening off of it)
Water Fountain
West Building sign
White cat sitting on a porch
White Wall

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