Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Russell Peters on Joe Rogan, Joke Thieves, David Letterman, and George Lopez

Toronto / Brampton born and bred comedian Russell Peters has become an international sensation. The Indian-Canadian-American stand up comic has been able to relate to a vast array of cultures with his comedy, which includes hilarious impressions and material involving all ethnicities. Peters used to be a DJ and also an amateur boxer at one point. Peters will still bust out the turntables and boxing gloves to spar, and enjoys watching boxing and UFC fights as much as he can. When Peters isn't engaging in DJ'ing and combat sports, he slays crowds in sold out arenas worldwide. From England to the US to Africa, India, Australia, and Canada, Peters' material strikes a chord and rattles the funny bone of everyone, regardless of culture. He's the first comic to sell out the O2 Arena, and managed to do that on five different occasions. You can add the Air Canada Centre in Toronto to that resume as well; Peters was the first stand up comedian to sell it out and also accomplished that feat five different times. He continues to push the boundaries, come up with new material, and leave crowds in hysterics across the globe.

Joe Rogan, what do you think of him and his comedy?

Joe's a good friend of mine. I think he's a hilarious guy and he's really, really smart. Joe's actually one of the most intelligent humans I've met.

Joe, he also trains as well (in MMA and BJJ). Has he suggested any gyms for you to go to...Are you planning to do any training.

Yeah...He actually trains in Hollywood so...I haven't been around so it's a question of me calling him and going, "Joe, you training today?" And then he comes down to Hollywood and we train together. He has an Octagon in his garage.

For real?

Yeah, he has a full size Octagon in his garage.

Joe got in a huge feud with Carlos Mencia about stealing jokes; has anyone stolen from you? Do you have any famous comedians who've stolen from you?

I don't know if anybody famous has stolen from me; I know some no name guys have stolen from me. If I name them then they have a name, so they remain no name...And who am I to say I never stole jokes back in the day either...It's just part of growing up in this game and you learn what not to do.

What's your favourite talk show to do, late night talk show, and why?

Well, I haven't done them all. I think I would like to do Letterman because I've never done it and he's very, very funny. But I don't know if he would...I mean, they've already refused me on Letterman.

You've just done Leno...

I've done Leno, Kimmel, Ferguson, Lopez twice.

Lopez a good guy?

Lopez is a great guy. We're actually good friends now too.

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