Monday, December 9, 2013

Yorkdale Mall holiday shopping survey statistics

Yorkdale’s 2013 Holiday Shopping Survey:
· When do they shop? One third of Yorkdale shoppers (35 percent) shop throughout of December, but three percent of respondents said they do all their holiday shopping on Boxing Day.
· Who are they shopping for? Nearly a third of Yorkdale shoppers (29 percent) are buying for more than ten people. Overwhelmingly, Yorkdale shoppers say the hardest person to buy for is their spouse, followed by parents and in-laws. It appears that neighbours, bosses, kids’ teachers and even new relationships are easier to shop for than family members.
· How long do they shop for? Most Yorkdale shoppers (25 percent) spend 4-5 hours on holiday shopping, yet nearly a quarter (22 percent) spend +10 hours finding the perfect gifts!
· Men vs. Women: Nearly one quarter (22 percent) of Yorkdale’s female shoppers intend to spend 10+ hours holiday shopping this year, compared to the majority of males (25 percent) that plan to spend 4-5 hours. Women alsoprefer to shop on their own (45 percent) compared to the 50 percent of Yorkdale’s male shoppers who prefer to shop with their spouse.

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