Friday, December 13, 2013

Rising Neighbourhood of Bloorcourt Village (Bloor-Ossington/Dufferin/Lansdowne)

Bloorcourt Village has been a neighborhood on the rise over the past few years. Several new shops have opened up in the stretch between Christie Pits and Lansdowne. Aside from bigger outlets such as Shopper's Drug Mart and McDonalds and a revamped Scotiabank, there have been numerous indie coffee shops which have sprouted in the past couple years. Some include:

-Northwood Café and Bar
-Ella's Uncle
-Sheesha Lounge
-Rustic Owl Café
-Everest Gelato and Café
-El Cafecito
-The Common
-The Steady Café and Bar

There has been a strong invasion of hipsters into the community, which makes for an interesting neighborhood mix as they combine with a large Portuguese community between Ossington and Dufferin, and African populace in shops just East of Ossington.

The neighborhood continues to flourish and some of the long-time Portuguese residents are realizing higher property values make selling their homes enticing, and transferring to Mississauga or other near by boroughs of the GTA.

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