Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fake Wang W Chieh email

Good Day
There's a deal in my bank value(USD37.9M)
You will receive more information upon your acknowledgment of this email
Mr. Wang Wen-Chieh
Taiwan Business Bank
Hong Kong Branch


  1. This is what the follow up email came to me after this email:

    Dear friend,
    Thank you for your email. However, my email communication with you is about an investment relating to my late client Mr. Yasin Jasem Muhammed, a contractor, who made a fixed deposit in my bank (TAIWAN BUSINESS BANK) Hong Kong branch. He had a financial portfolio of US$37.9 Million and this I help turned over in the purchase of securities in the capital markets.

    I was his bank account officer assisting him in the supervision of his funds, and being previously given the instructions to liquidate the investment by Mr. Yasin, after sometime to enable him pursue some other investment requiring payment in Europe. I made an effort to contact Mr. Yasin in the line of duty for some
    final instructions, only to discover that he had been shot dead at Urfale area general road, near Sadr City, east Baghdad, Iraq on 24 February 2009.

    My proposal to you is that, since the original owner died living no next of kin, I want to place you in that position to instruct my bank to release the deposit to you as the closest surviving relation/or his business acquaintances. Because if no one comes for claim after six (6) years the funds will be re-verse to the Government treasury, according to the banking laws of my country.

    And I do not want that to happen, if you agree and willing to do this transaction with me, you shall receive 40% of the total sum. To initiate process of transfer, I want you to email the following to me; Full name, address and a mobile number. So that I can update my bank records and my attorney can instigate on the backup documents that will place you as the benefactor to late Mr. Yasin. I will use my position to influence the move of the funds to the bank account that will be provided by you, after you have been made the next of kin. There is no risk involved in these proceedings, as we are going to adopt a legalized method.

    All I need is your optimistic support and consent, so that I can go ahead and contract the attorney to process the legal papers needed in the bank to support the claim application in your name. He will provide the bank with a notarized letter from the probate court in your favor as a principal referee and will sign the guarantor forms in the bank to ratify the legitimacy of your claim.

    Please observe extreme discretion in all matters concerning this transaction, I shall discuss more with you as soon as I receive from you the requested information.

    Wang Wen-Chieh
    Taiwan Business Bank
    Hong Kong Branch

  2. They sent me kind of the same email & I searched online and found out your post here. Why does that thing happen? Spam?

  3. Oh pretty sure it's a scam got the same type of letter my self.

    Kind of wish I had a throw-away bank account just to see what they try to do.

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  5. Got the same email but from the email address "" and the return to email address as "". The fact that different email addresses are used strongly indicates a scam. Not to mention that what they want you to do is illegal.

  6. Good Day

    I'm contacting you for joint business venture of $37,9Mn USD,relate to your name I'll discuss in further details and benefits the moment I hear from you.

    Best regards